February 3, 2018

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By Jo Cleland

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Animal Camouflage by Adolf Portmann PDF

The rugged define of a mountain top appears like a human face; the markings on a moth convey a cranium and crossbones. Mere coincidences we are saying, and brush off the problem as one other freak of nature. but if we encounter an animal that appears like a leaf or a sprig, we commence to ask yourself. This likeness needs to be greater than chance--it needs to play an enormous half within the animal's survival.

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(Requested by way of me on WCD and stuffed as retail by means of their usual. )

“Hilariously informative. . . . This publication will remind you why you usually desired to be a naturalist. ”—Outside

In this exciting foray into the animal country, Richard Conniff takes readers on an adventure-packed trip as he courts the main risky animals and lives to inform the story. He we could African wild canine sniff his neck to check the concept that they're vicious man-eaters, sticks his hand in a fireplace ant mound and does a number of takes for an exquisite camerawoman on a tv shoot, and flings poultry carcasses into piranha-infested waters to clock how quick they disappear—before diving in himself. This assortment bargains an extraordinary probability to move alongside on those death-defying treks and notice lifestyles in the course of the eyes of a bona-fide box naturalist.

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The cowbird is remarkably successful in foisting her young upon her chosen foster family. Or, put another way, the host species are remarkably willing to raise the alien young. A question remains as to just how devastating this parasitism is to the host’s own young. In what Audubon describes as a “remarkable occurrence,” once the cowbird egg hatches, the parent birds, “finding a helpless object, for whose subsistence it behooves them to provide,” immediately set about the job of feeding it. ” Forbush is equally fatalistic.

Except for those little bitty feet. 33 Scarlet Tanager and Summer Tanager Piranga olivacea and Piranga rubra I’d have to agree with most birdwatchers that, of the two tanagers that summer in my woods, the scarlet is the more striking. With its vermilion body and jet-black wings, it’s a fabulous-looking bird. When one deigned to sip from my birdbath on a bright sunny morning this past April, then ascended regally to its normal habitat high in the treetops, my heart lifted with it. ” (By the way, Piranga, a native name for a South American bird, was co-opted by French naturalist Vieillot to denote this species.

Their route takes them through Tampa, and they spend the daylight hours resting and refueling. Food is already plentiful there in late April: bugs everywhere. Another night or two in the sky brings them to the panhandle, to the pretty coastal village of St. Elizabeth, where they rest again. They don’t have too much farther to go before they reach their summer home, maybe in the beautiful mountains of northeastern Tennessee, but they have one more stop to make: my forty-acre wood in northwestern Georgia.

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